Friday, May 22, 2009

Ups and downs

Hi all,

Andre, a student we met at a school called Padreira, sent me this link after he read on my blog that I like live music. It`s a video of he (on the left) and his friend playing classical music on electric guitars. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me. Thanks for sharing, Andre! Enjoy!

Last night, I was able to talk to my parents and Stephen for a good bit. My dad had surgery on his back yesterday, so he stayed in the hospital last night. He`s doing ok, just trying to recover. As my mom said, the recovery is always harder than what you think it will be. So keep him and my mom in your prayers. Stephen only has one day of school left (today) - lucky dog. Then he gets two weeks off before starting summer school, which will be pretty intense for a month. It was so great to talk to them even if it was only for 10 minutes.

I never imagined that this trip would be such an emotional rollercoaster ride. I`ve seen such wonderful things that people are doing for other people, but then one minute later, I see tragedy. A couple of days ago, I saw a man hanging out of a window in a hospital gown. I could see the arms of those trying to save him coming from out of the window either. I`ll never know what ended up happening to him or what made him to this. Then yesterday, I saw the body of a man killed on a motorcycle. I saw his shoes, his jeans, his forehead. I know this happens in America too, but I never thought about these same things happening around the world at the same time. The Brasilian people are so beautiful, but by that I mean they are kind, open and eager to live life. It is hard to to think about such tragedy happening to them.

Anyway last night I met Lothar and Wanda`s goddaughter, Julia. She is precious. I gave her two coloring books about Louisiana. It was wonderful - I would point to a picture and she would tell me in Portuguese what it was.

Alright, gotta go downstairs and wait for the van. I miss you all!


Judy said...

Nancy, what a great idea to take coloring books about Louisiana!

Kathy said...

Hey Nancy. Is the Indy 500 big news over there? I didn't know Helio Castroneves is from Brazil, and I think I heard of a couple of other drivers from there, too. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy. Glad to hear it's going well...besides a few disturbing sights. Enjoy and stay safe! Love you. MCL

Mais RH said...

Hi Nancy! By the name of Rotary Club of Sao Paulo - Santo Amaro, I wanna say that we loved your team visit to our club.
I tried to find you on Facebook, but I didn't.
So, I'm writing my e-mail for future contacts:
Kisses and enjoy your visit to Brasil!
Vanderlei Abreu
Journalist and Rotary Santo Amaro associated

Anonymous said...

So glad to know you are OK. We miss you. I think I met your old roommate this weekend? You are famous around town these days! Take care. Patricia

wdenni1 said...

hey, sorry i haven't commented until now. i've been on the road so much that i haven't spent a lot of time online. i'm so glad that, for the most part, you're having a great time. i can't wait to see you again!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

that was great music. have you heard any of that bossa nova style? sounds like fun time.