Monday, May 11, 2009

Brasil, Here I Come!

This is my family for the next month. GSE Brasil 2009 Outgoing Team - Me, Crystal Dallas, Shannan Hicks, Nita Brouillette, and Ariej Alexander. I wish you could meet these ladies. They are all wonderful in their own way - and I can't wait to get to know them better as we travel in Brasil together for a month.

Rotary International is wonderful enough to give us this opportunity to experience Brazilian culture like many will never have the chance to. We leave on Saturday afternoon for what I'm sure will be the trip of a lifetime.

To try to keep everyone updated, I hope to be able to post something each day about my trip. So cheesy as it is, I hope you follow me along in my journey!


Akeshia said...

I'll miss you while you're gone but I wouldn't mind trading places. Have a great a trip and be safe!

Can't wait to see your first post!

Anonymous said...

I will miss you. I know you will make new friends and see interesting places. Have a great time. Robert

Anonymous said...

I miss you already ....Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I am so excited for you. What a terrific experience!


Anonymous said...

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