Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oi from Ariej and I

Hi all,

This is a joint post by myself and my fellow member Ariej:

We're living like true Brasilians. Last night, we partied at a marathon Rotary meeting until 12 am - it was an induction for a new club. Then we were told to be ready by 6:30 am with only four hours of sleep. But these are the sacrifices that future Rotarians make to preserve the integrity of Rotary International. We are soldiers. GSE soldiers. 
This morning we went to another club meeting founded by lil Thias (Shannan's host mom). It was also her birthday. Then we visited the MASPA (modern art museum) which had the COOLEST exhibit featuring Vik Muniz. We also visited a gorgeous cathedral. Then we had great food at a local bakery/deli. Then off to the hospital for children with cancer. It was inspired by St. Jude's. We toured the hospital and met with the staff to talk about fundraising and communications. It was a long but good day. Luckily we were done for the day and Ariej and I were able to crash (we realllyyyyy wanted to use the wifi) at a local fine dining (seriously shwanky) restaurant with Lothar (who is totally a ringer for Donald Sutherland). So now we are up to the present - 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. 
I finally downloaded all my pics but this wifi is soooo slow so the pictures are not loading. I will try again later. 
Nancy and Ariej (and Lothar)


Anonymous said...


I am enjoying reading all about your trip. I can see that I could never stay up late enough to make a trip like this. I hope it continues to be a great experience.

Judy said...

It sounds like y'all are having a great time!! Glad to know that Ariej is ok as I don't have a blog for her. Now.....where oh where is your leader? LOL