Sunday, May 17, 2009

We made it!

So I´ve made it to Brasil! What a 24 hours this has been. I´ve just arrived at my first host family´s home a few minutes ago. The great people that are hosting me for the next 10 days are Lothar and Wanda Ehrhardt, which their second name literally means "hard honor." Over the years, they´ve had 35 people stay with them through the GSE program and other Rotary programs. Now that´s hospitality.

So we get here and they completely open their home to me. And naturally when they say what do you want to do well of course the answer is sleep but first where is your computer? :-) go figure. If I make any mistakes in my blogs during the next 10 days, I´m sorry, this keyboard is definitely different from what we are used to so I´m typing slower than normal. It´s such an unusual feeling for me not to be able to just pick up my phone and talk to or text someone.

The game plan for the next 10 days is to stay in Sao Paulo, which by the way, is huge - well at least the part we´ve seen so far. The home that I´m staying in and the home we ate brunch at earlier reminds me a lot of New Orleans actually - rather long, but two stories, beautiful. We know we have Rotary meetings tomorrow through Wednesday (which means making presentations either short or long) along with visits to foundations, nonprofits and schools, and I think I heard them mentioning that we were going to visit a hospital that does the surgeries to correct clef palettes. Thursday we will have a break or time to go shopping. Then Friday, I think more Rotary meetings. I think at least. What I do know for sure is Saturday we get to sleep late and go to learn the samba that night! Then Sunday we are going to a parque or park - which I can´t wait for.

Oh I forgot to talk about the trip here. It went well. We had a slight delay getting to Houston after making our presentation at the conference in Monroe, but we made it there in time to make our flight to Sao Paulo. Sleeping on a plane for that many hours is difficult though, so I basically haven´t really slept since Friday night at the hotel. So that´s my plan when I´m done writing this. They said to take advantage of today and get the rest we can because these next 30 days will be crazy. Lothar and Wanda said after I stand up (they meant wake up) and shower, we will figure out what to do for dinner. They are so nice to care that I don´t eat beef or pork. Oh yeah, Wanda doesn´t speak any English and Lothar says he doesn´t speak much English but I can assure you that his English is much better than my Portuguese. I´m just glad I had some experience with the language before we got here. It´s already made it easier.

Up until now, I hadn´t really had the chance to be homesick because I´ve been so consumed with actually getting here. I do miss everyone at home especially my parents and Stephen but I know that this will be an incredible month that I cant wait to share with them when I get home.

Alright well I´m exhausted and frankly I stink, so a short nap and a shower are a must right now. I will post pics as soon as I can though.

Miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Hooray - you are there!! Does everyone have their own host family, or are you all staying with Lothar and Wanda? Sounds like life on the other side of the equator has gotten off to a lovely start - very happy for you Nanc! I'm watching closely for pictures and updates.

Cuide-se, Trayce

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it. Have a great trip. Can't wait for your next post.
-- Kathy

Anonymous said...

wow....sounds like you've had a long few days. have fun and enjoy. miss you.

Misti said...

You'll settle in soon enough; the first 24 hours are always overwhelming! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I finally found time to check the blog although someone told me this morning that you had made it. I've checked your office twice today, just because. What did you get to do today? How's the weather? Are your ears burning? We've mentioned you several times today.

Pat L.

June said...

What a wonderful experience. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey we are so glad that you made it there safely. We hope that you have a wonderful experience there. Cannot wait to hear about it. Have fun!!!


ne said...

Nancy Hi! I was searching for wanda and lothar today via google and i was shocked when i saw your blog. I have stayed with them during '97-98 and i would assure you that you are lucky to stay with them. they are great people. 3 years before they called me and i have noted their info, but unlikely i lost it..I want to hear their voices again.(saudades!) I know it sounds weird and i know that i am a foreigner to you but would you do me a favor, would you pls talk to them and if they would like to give too to send e-mail adres to me, it would be a huge favor for me...By the way I went there from Turkey via Rotary as an intercambista, my name is Ayda and i loved them so much that my first and then 3rd family again was the Lothars. I wonder if wandas dog is still alive and their daughter in the usa is doing well, today is her birthday !? their voices are still in my ears, i live with their rememberances, they took so much care on me and can't pay their effort on me back! thanks in note, if you are still with them it is a legend that wanda cooks good but on the other hand i can't foget the fish that lothar has cooked, it tastes d+ :) bye.