Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally! Internet!

Finally, I have internet for a few minutes - on my own computer! the forces are against me though because my camera battery is dead so waiting for it to charge to upload my latest pics. But here are some of my favs from the past two weeks that I haven't been able to post.
Some group photos, some of the kids we've seen in the schools/day cares we visited, the back of a cigarette box here (clever huh? apparently impotence is more threatening than cancer to Brasilians), us at the best market ever!, and a pic of the four elements structures at the botanical garden in Sao Paulo (walked through the Atlantic forest there). I have so many pictures to share.
We are currently staying in an area called ABC  - stands for Santo Andrea, San Bernardo, and Sao Caetano - basically the suburbs of the city of Sao Paulo. I'm staying with yet another great host family - Edna and Gilmar (and daughter Fernanda). Today, I am at Fernanda's PR firm in downtown Sao Paulo visiting her coworkers. It's an impressive firm especially considering it is only seven years old. I had a great meeting with Cesar Calejon about the work they do in social media. Later, I'm going to lunch with Fernanda and one of the owners of the company who was kind enough to invite me. Fernanda is only 21 years old and already doing great work here. She speaks great English as well as German. very impressive.  
We are in this area until Sunday when we will go to Santo (the beach!). I hope it gets warmer though. It is so cold here right now. It was 2 degrees C this morning - apparently the coldest day of the year so far. 
Anyway here are some more pics.

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ok, i would like the story behind the cheerleader picture, please :-)